Muddy Boots…

The last few weeks I have been working hard to get “out with the old and in with the new”, you know, give away what we have outgrown and de-clutter. It has been going well, I have turned the nursery into my new office and play area for my daughter, she is thrilled she even has her own desk next to mine which she reminds me daily its so she can do her work too! I am a pack rat by nature so it has been quite the undertaking! I have gotten rid of baby toys, old books, decor I no longer need and turning our once filled-to-overflowing home into a cozy place to relax. I have even managed to convince my best friend Heather that she needs my old wooden dresser and two end tables (voila! more space in my house!) The garage is my biggest challenge yet, it frustrates me beyond belief. Nothing has a space, its just a dumping ground, where all things outdoor related go to die. I have put it off for weeks finding any excuse possible to not clean it. Today I went out in hopes of finally just cleaning and I saw our shoe shelf….lots of shoes, sneakers, boots and even one lone slipper. How does a family of three have so many shoes?! They are all filthy too! I see the dirt crusted into the laces and remember the time my daughter got her foot stuck in a muddy hole, and the time we were looking at tadpoles in the pond and I discovered my boot had a leak! Then I see my husbands work boots…how worn they are. There’s so much mud crusted to them, oh how much he does in those boots.

As I am sure many of us wives have felt under appreciated and over worked, how we tire of the same routine day after day feeling like we never really get anywhere. Also as a wife…and a human, I often wish my family would do more….why cant he help her brush her teeth?! Can he please handle bath time just tonight?! Can she just for once ask him for a bowl of goldfish because clearly I am in the bathroom with the door closed! At the end of the day my bones ache, my boots are muddy from the days work in the garden, my stomach is rumbling and I just want to take a long shower then go to sleep. But are his boots any less dirty then mine? What about my daughters boots? We have been married for 6 years now, we have been through more in our first year of marriage then many have in a decade of marriage. My family is about way more then who does what, or what they haven’t been able to do. We are all the proud owners of muddy boots, My husbands job takes him out of state almost weekly, 16 hour days, 5 days a week plus travel time. It leaves me to fill in the rest, it leaves our daughter to trust that Daddy will always come home and that Mommy can handle everything in the mean time. It is hard on all of us.

I am glad I saw those boots today, my husband is currently across country for work. I have been struggling to feel like I am able to keep up. But when I see our muddy boots all piled together I remember its not just me, by myself, its is all of us in this together. My husband has the craziest amount of work ethic, he can work an insane amount of hours and still function. My daughter has been my little shadow, ready and willing to help with dishes, harvest veggies and almost always willing to give me a hand with anything I need. So what he has never been the one to help with the bedtime routine… that she is always in dire need of her “my little pony” to have a braided mane while I’m in the bathroom with the door closed…so what?! Well….I can’t get too frustrated with them….here I am sitting here blogging about my filthy garage instead of just cleaning it! 😀

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