Finding Perfection in the Fog of Lies…

The cool thing about the State Fair is it’s always interesting to “people watch”, I don’t mean that in the creepy peeping Tom kind of way. I just find it fascinating to observe other people and watch their behaviors(boy, I am skating on thin ice of being a creepy geek! 🙂 ). The thing that always breaks my heart is seeing a person who clearly is struggling with self-image. We all have our insecurities but for some of us (both men and woman, young and not as young) struggle to a different extent. I have never been one who has felt physically pretty, as a child I was a long legged, knobby kneed, gangley awkward kid, which as you can imagine paints an interesting picture for the teen years! It also doesn’t help when you don’t have any curves at all but your sister has every curve in all the right places, sorry sister, I tossed you right under the bus! 🙂 I discovered the tanning bed at the age of 18…for the 1st time I felt almost pretty. My skin looked sun-kissed, which made my teeth look whiter, and at least in my eyes made me look less like the ugly duckling I felt I was. I tanned for two years and as a result got melanoma as I have previously mentioned in another post. Striving for physical perfection will always result with some form of self destruction. While at the state fair I saw a woman who clearly struggled with an eating disorder. She wasn’t a tall woman, she wore shorts and heels and a tank top. Her body was literally skin hanging on to bare bones. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we insist there is a perfect skin color, body type, and all the other false forms of perfection? I try very hard to instill in my daughter that there are all kinds of physical beauty. When we are in line at the store I often will whisper to her “Look at that woman’s black curly hair, doesn’t it look nice on her?” or “oh I like her dress, it is very flattering”. I don’t want her to only see the physical appearance of people, but by complimenting the beauty of all of us and not just those with the “ideal” appearance I hope will teach her that she is beautiful just the way she is….and so are all of you. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until you turn 30, then everything starts to head south! But you know what….you’re still just as beautiful! True beauty is in who you are, not what you look like…..although I refuse to leave the house without putting my eyebrows on….but that discussion is for a whole other post!

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