Pretty Sky and Paint Drips…

I took this picture this afternoon, crystal blue sky and white puffy clouds. Seemed to picturesque to not snap a quick picture! I have always loved photography and sometimes wish I had pursued it further. There is just something about nature that I can’t get enough of! In nature there is beauty all around, the morning fog, dewy grass, dark storm clouds or crystal clear day, it’s all amazing and never seizes to thrill me! I don’t have a professional camera or special lighting, any picture on my blog is taken with nothing but my cell phone camera. Clearly I am not a professional photographer, but how often we miss the beauty right in front of us!

For about a year or so now I have been struggling terribly with the feeling of discontentment, unsettled, hoping and praying for change. I know I am not alone in this struggle, when we start feeling like this it is an invitation for the “what if” and the “if only” to start making their way into our brains. I believe this holds true for the stay-at-home mom as well as the work-outside-the-home mom. Whether you leave for work each morning or your home raising the babies, I think we all at times feel the grass is greener somewhere else! Feeling content takes practice, it is something I am continuing to work on. It involves seeing the beauty that’s right in front of you! I have lived in the same town for 31 years, for a long time I have ached to move to the New England area, this feeling started the year both Grandma and Grandpa Hollenbeck died (roughly 3 years ago). Moving away and starting over sounds so appealing to me, but truthfully that wouldn’t guarantee greener grass or sunnier days. It wouldn’t mean I see my husband more or we would suddenly be able to adopt. If we got the chance to move I would love too! But being content with where you currently are is also important! Opportunities come and go, nothing wrong with setting goals and moving forward. It is equally important to look for the beauty that’s right where you are. For me, it was this gorgeous sky over me while I fixed up an old swing set! ….it was all going great until I looked down and saw I dripped yellow paint on my new pants….todays lesson: always remember to change your pants before fixing up an old swing set! You’re welcome! 🙂

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