Capturing the Gold Finch…

I am on the quest for getting a picture of the gold finches in my sunflowers. Each year at this time the sunflowers are in full bloom with many flowers past there prime…which means SUNFLOWER SEEDS!!! Those seeds mean I have squirrels climbing up to chew off the flower heads and scamper back to thier tree bragging to thier squirrel friends that they got a flower. This also means gold finches by the dozens fluttering in the sunflowers. If you have never experienced gold finches they are very flighty birds, quick to fly away as soon as something moves. Which means me and my cell phone camera are almost out of luck for getting a good picture. I am thinking maybe this week while my daughter is in school maybe I will put a chair in the garden and sit still with my camera ready and see if I can finally capture a picture of these stunning birds. If you have ever bird watched with a 5 year old you will quickly see that any bird in the garden will quickly flee with the exception of the catbird and possibly a chickadee, which are both much more social birds. I soon realized this evening wasn’t going to be my evening to get the shot I was trying to get….so I stepped back further to widen my shot and ended up getting the perfect picture….a child looking for birds….

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