Japanese Lanterns…

My Mom just pulled up some Japanese Lanterns for me. I haven’t gotten a chance to plant them yet but I did put them in a large pot of soil so they can thrive until I dig a plot for them. Just seeing them with thier lanterns starting to turn orange brings back so many memories. Growing up my Grandma Hollenbeck always had Japanese Lanterns, she also favored hens n’ chicks, pansies and I specifically remember her enormous snowball bush! As a child, that snowball bush always held 7 Easter bags that Grandma would have Grandpa tie to the bushes branches at Easter time! They would throw us a huge Easter egg hunt for the 7 of us grandkids and this continued as our family continued to grow! At some point that snowball bush died, I beleive lightning had struck it. This is when it was replaced with Japanese Lanterns. We always enjoyed seeing those lanterns turn orange, and as my grandparents aged and could no longer do yard work Grandma was always sure to tell us if someone mistakenly weed-wacked her Japanese Lanterns! The memories are endless and I smile when I see these lanterns, they aren’t just any Japanese Lanterns they are the ones from her yard. When her and Grandpa passed a lot of us dug up a clump of Japanese Lanterns to grow in our gardens. My clump didn’t survive the winter but both my Mom’s and my Aunt’s did and they are expanding at an alarming rate!!! This afternoon as I watered my pot of Japanese Lanterns reliving the memories, my daughter hopped over shrieking “MOMMY, ARE THOSE JAPANESE LANTERNS?!” I smiled and said “yes! Come over here and let me tell you about your great grandmother!”…

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