Leaving Tracks…

We spend most weekends at my in-laws, my husband helps to build them a new “retirement” house. Getting them ready to downsize. My daughter and I are usually working thier gardens, taking a nature walk or checking out the new house to see what else has been done. My husband is working with his father to get this house built or cutting wood for heating the house. It is a peaceful wooded property with lots of room to explore. Today I was after taking pictures. The gardening is about done for the season so her and I went on a nature walk.

We love to look for tracks, today I beleive we found racoon tracks. As usual when we find tracks we like to follow them and see how far till the tracks fad. With deer you often see mama and baby tracks side by side which always delights my daughter! This racoons tracks couldn’t be followed much further then this picture shows. It very muddy where we were walking so the tracks led to a puddle full of frogs!

If we don’t pay attention we miss that there’s a lot in the world besides ourselves. More then our problems, our needs and our wants. There’s a world out there and when we stop and look we see the tracks of others…when we look back we see the tracks we have left behind. Will others want to follow in our tracks? We are only here for our life span, let’s leave tracks of hope and encouragement for those who will undoubtedly follow.

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