Lessons Learned in Nature…

My daughter and I were exploring the pond and I also found a vernal pond (a temporary body of water due to seasonal rain usually) which her and I explored quite a bit! One of our favorite pass times is catching frogs. We love to bring a bucket and collect frogs then within a few minutes we release them basically exactly where we found them. Today was no different, she saw frogs in that vernal pond so away she went to try to catch them…but this time….she landed front first into the pond! She was covered in mud and crying. I chuckled as I pulled her out and explained it happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to feel bad about. She was still crying, so I said “want to see something funny? Let’s take your boots off…” With tears in her eyes she steps out of her boots and her pink socks are now brown. I picked up her boots and turned them upside down and probably poured 4 cups of muddy water out of each boot! We both were cracking up! We put her boots back on and made our way back to the barn….the walk was long so the mud started to dry…she started laughing so I asked what was making her chuckle…she said “mommy, the mud is like a jacket for my pants!!”. She learned a valuable lesson today, it’s ok to laugh at yourself when you slip up! It’s good to be serious at times but it’s also healthy to be able to laugh in the midst of frustration! Grocery list: stain remover….๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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