Long Road Traveled…

I love this picture, it’s from a country road near my town and today the sky was so blue and clouds so white. The light hit just right to light up everything and make the colors pop! This road is long and winding, you have to watch out for Guinea fowl and deer and farmers crossing the road. Life is much like this road, changes with seasons, unexpected obstacles and many bumps along the way. Some times we feel bogged down by the season of life we are in, life is just too hard, too depressing and you may feel like it will never turn around. But why not take our bumpy road and use it for good? What if we use all our baggage, all our past hurts and use it to relate to others? Use it to help someone currently knee deep in the pain that is now a distant memory for us. What if all the scars from life are used for the healing of others? Seems like there’d be less pot holes and arguments and more solidarity…. like Guinea fowl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them travel alone…

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