Queen Anne’s Lace…

One of my favorite gardens is what nature naturally produces on its own. I love a country drive, seeing the wild flowers growing along the road. My favorite is probably Queen Anne’s Lace, I remember growing up watching “Anne of Green Gables”, I beleive it was set in the Nova Scotia area. The scenes of flowering trees, rolling countryside and “the last of Queen Anne’s lace for the summer”. Each summer I love to enjoy Queen Anne’s Lace and day dream of someday visiting Nova Scotia. Seems like entertainment these days is all about action, violence and any variety of fast paced crazy. I still prefer finding the old DVDs and taking a break from the fast paced life and remember a time that was a little simpler. By simpler I don’t mean the results of taking this picture….which was a huge spider on my arm while driving home….fun fact…I’m am also terrified of spiders.

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