Tiny Treasures for Tiny Hands…

The weather this season has been crazy, the spring was super cold and more rain then I’ve seen in years. It took forever to get the heat of the summer to set in and when it did it was gone after only one month! It has not made for a fruitful garden but it seems to have made an especially “toady” summer! Not sure if it’s due to weather or just plain luck but the most absolute teensy weensy toads are EVERYWHERE! And we LOVE IT!  The one featured in this picture is actually larger then many I’ve seen. My daughter’s excitement at finding wildlife use to be her hands grasping creatures like a bald eagle snatching fish from the water, by about 2years old she finally figured out that when catching a moth you don’t want the wings to fall off. Now she is a pro, her small hands can gentally capture creatures, she always reminds me “mommy I’m observing them before I release them”, which always makes me laugh. These little toads are irresistible, the smallest I’ve seen of these little guys is no bigger then my pinky finger nail. So small and so treasured because spotting them takes an effort! They are small and quick! But once held they sit pretty calm and unlike our other toad friends they don’t seem to tinkle all over your hand! My daughter’s goal has been to see a toad eat a bug, this has been a thing with her all summer. The unfortunate part is that apparently toads do not like a sticky fingered child holding a bug in front of thier face….but hey, who am I to tell her that? Secret is safe with me little toads!

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