Every Day Miracles…

One of my absolute favorite things to photograph are rainbows. Each one looks different, some are bright and some are faded, some are tall and some are shorter. This one is probably one of the biggest I’ve seen ever. So big I couldn’t get it in one shot! It was a rainbow at sunset so the picture quality isn’t fabulous. Our yard is prime spot for rainbows. We see dozens and dozens a year and each time is just s exciting as the last. To me a rainbow is a miracle, yes we see a lot of them and to many people in sure it’s no big deal but a stunning arch of color across the sky to me is a reason to stop and look. In our house when a rainbow is spotted it’s a race to see who can get out 1st to see it! My biggest tip in life is to not let life become mundane, be excited and apperciate what’s around you, not matter what that is!

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