Long Lasting Love…

My husband and I have been married just over 6 years now. With him out of state all week we only see eachother on the weekends for the most part. I have been asked multiple times how do we keep things working between us, how is our relationship still strong when we are apart so much!? The breif answer to that is because we are friends first. Most relationships start out with both partners putting their best foot forward. Holding the door for your lady, asking how her day was and actually listening to her answer. Ladies we tend to be sure our hair is done and make up looking nice and we may even pretend to be the lady we know he is looking for. Then we get comfortable, flaws start to emerge and the heat of a new relationship starts to burn out a bit. What’s left is who we truely are. In the beginning we brushed our teeth before we walked out the door looking our best to go meet our sweet heart….now we are married and guess what, I ate half a loaf of garlic bread and I’m going to kiss you anyway!

Relationships and marriage isn’t a fairy tale, if you’re expecting prince charming to ride in on a stallion and sweep you off your feet your crazy. Men, if you think marriage is us women keeping a perfectly clean house, providing 3 course meals and looking amazing while doing it you are equally crazy. I truely beleive the secret to long term success is mutually thinking of eachother as best friend’s. Trusting eachother that when we are apart that loyalty will sustain us until we reunite again. My husband and I have far too much time apart. When he leaves for the week for all he knows I may have 3 kids and a dog with another man. He doesn’t know but what he does is trust. He knows my heart and my character that he will come home to a loyal wife who loves him for who he is, not for who he isn’t, and that feeling goes both ways. We aren’t perfect, I could list all of the flaws I think he has and I am sure his list of my flaws is mile long. True love isn’t counting flaws, it isn’t holding eachother to impossible standards. It’s two friends, two friends who appologize when they say hurtful things, two friends who make the commitment to be together through sunshine and storms. Two friends who are opened and honest with eachother and forgive when mistakes are made. No relationship is perfect, but a solid foundation isn’t based on how you look as you age, how high you climb the cooperate ladder or what you can do for the other person. A solid foundation begins with mutual respect for eachother, willingness to learn about eachother and a common enjoyment of being together. It’s not always easy, but the security a strong healthy relationship offers is comparable to nothing else. It’s a life time of having someone by your side during the good and the bad. We have been together for a total 11 years now and going strong…

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