Search for the Scarlett Tanger…

I have always loved Scarlett Tangers, the 1st time I ever saw one was in the woods near my in-laws house. I didn’t even realize we had them in the area so I was really excited to catch a glimmer of one! Even as a baby my daughter has always loved bird watching with me. We have about 9 bird feeders right outside the living room window which she would toddle over to watch the birds even as a one year old. Earlier this summer we went camping to a favorite spot we camp at every year. We decided to take a nature walk because that day was quite hot so the shade of the trees was the place to be. My husband led the way and we both followed. Enjoying hearing the water fall in the distance we make our way through the woods. Talking about the rocks and trees we see and telling eachother when we see a neat creature. I start to notice my daughter goes quiet. She often walks behind us because she gathers pebbles on her way. It’s not like her to be quiet so I turned around, her eyes are wide and her mouth with a gleaming smile. I could tell she was looking at something so I slowly crept back to where she was and she was so excited she could barely speak. She pointed to a low branch and said “mommy I see it! I see your favorite bird!!!!! It’s a SCARLETT TANGER!” I looked over and sure enough there he was. A beautiful red male Scarlett Tanger sitting right there! I’ve never seen one so close and she was thrilled she spotted that bird all on her own! My husband had followed me back and also got to see this beautiful red bird. We watched until the bird flew away and the rest of the walk we were talking about how hard those birds are to find here and how lucky we were to get to see one! We don’t have a lot of time just the three of us but the precious time we do get together is a huge blessing. Every single time we get into nature something wonderful always happens!

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