Every Day is Like a New Bloom…

As I’ve written in my 1st blog, this is a new chapter for me. A new chance to rekindle my pre motherhood hobbies and interests. I have been enjoying blogging way more then I ever expected. I am so extremely thankful to see how many of you are enjoying my posts! I hope if you enjoy what you read that you tell others about my blog, the goal is to pass around encouragement and helping us all to think of the lighter side of life and not be so bogged down with the negative things we are bombarded with daily. As I have said that this is all new to me, so you might be wondering what’s next?! So the summer has been winding down and giving way to fall which for me means LOTS OF COOKING!!!  So I still want to keep posting things that go on in daily life but you will also see soon that I have recipes posted as well! These are some of my favorite recipes which I have been given or have created myself! I hope you all enjoy this addition to my site and thank you for being such an encouragement to me as this new chapter starts to bloom!

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