Lovely Things Around Every Corner…

A good nature walk never gets old for me. Every time my daughter spots another toad she squeals with happiness and tries to catch it! We have fun, enjoying the simple pleasure of seeing nature do its thing. She is in school today and when I pick her up she is usually beaming with excitement to tell me what has happened during her day. She changes so much each day, growing taller and her ever expanding vocabulary! She is full of so much hope, she tells me she wants to be an astronomer like Galileo! Remember that child-like level of hope for the future?! I wanted to be a mom, wife, doctor and ballerina as well as work in the circus when I was her age! In the mind of the child there is no limits to what they can accomplish, how things change when as we get older. What is a goal, big or small, that you want to accomplish? Is there a step you can take to reach that goal? Have big goals AND small goals, there is no need to pick one or the other! Today my goal is to clean that darn garage, or at least get a portion of it cleaned! Long term I hope to become an author! Both are important, so don’t just pick one, have a whole list of goals and enjoy checking them off as you achieve them! My daughters small goal was to catch this toad….but her future goal…………watch out world, here comes the next scientist!!!

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