The Art of Patience…

Patience….one of the hardest skills to learn. It often involves waiting….and waiting….and waiting some more… Sometimes it involves hurt and heart ache and sometimes our patience is met with disappointment. We started our adoption journey almost exactly 4 years ago today. We knew the journey would be long so we wanted to get started quickly. We had a one year old so with how long it takes to adopt we hoped this would mean her and her siblings would only be a few years apart in age. Fast forward 4 years, many tears and disappointment later we are still a family of three with no glimmers of a new edition anytime soon. How we have waited, prayed and tried our best but still this prayer hasn’t been answered. We have gone through one agency and talked with many others, we were foster parents for a year and welcomed 4 kids into our family and 4 times we had to say good bye which was bittersweet. I hope someday it will happen for us, but meanwhile we will continue to learn patience…. it’s hard. As for my daughter? She caught all four frogs she waited 2 hours by the pond waiting to catch! Here she is admiring her bucket of frogs before returning all 4 safely back to the pond! Maybe I need to learn patience from her!

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