The Carrot in the Field of Sunflowers…

Do you sometimes feel like the odd one out? Like you just don’t seem to fit in with those around you? Are you the lone carrot in the field of Sunflowers? For some of us we just naturally seem to fit in no matter where we go or what we are doing. Maybe it’s a natural charisma or just a certain quality that makes us just comfortable where ever we are. For others, like myself, it’s not so easy. As a child I was the quiet one, the one who didn’t like large groups of people and who was always picked last. One of my least favorite times in school was when the teacher would say “ok, everyone get a partner!” That always ment I was left out and usually to be partnered awkwardly in a group of three or having to work by myself. I never found it easy to make friends or start conversations. I was the one who was usually being laughed at due to my low reading level and second hand clothes. All through school was like this. Some kids were down right mean and I have to say some of the teachers were just as bad. Parents, many kids go through this and a lot of them won’t mention it. Kids, a lot of grown ups STILL go through this so you’re not alone!!!! You’re probably wondering why bring this up? Well, just like the carrot in the field of Sunflowers when you really look close you can see that carrot isn’t alone. Yes there are all these big tall stunning sunflowers of all heights, colors and styles but when you look between all the stems you start to notice there’s more carrots hiding in plain sight! No matter the age, if you feel like this just remember you aren’t alone. Whether you feel invisible or feel you stick out like a sore thumb just remember it’s ok and you aren’t alone! God has used my “lone wolf” personality to relate to other “lone wolves”. God has also used it to teach other more charismatic people what it is like to not fit in. For those of you who feel like you just can’t fit in if you tried, think about why that is? Is it because your quiet? Social status? Disability of some nature? What ever it is consider it your best attribute and see how your prospective changes…what if being “too quiet” means your a good listener? What if your social status means your a postive representative of what can be accomplished from all walks of life? What if your disability means proving to yourself that YOU CAN! Be the carrot in the field of Sunflowers…the best part of the carrot is unseen until it’s ready to be used. You’re best qualities may not be seen until YOU are ready to use them!….and honestly…isn’t the carrot flowers quite stunning? I actually use them in some of my best bouquets…

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