Campfire Cookies Recipe…

To start out, notice our set up in the picture. You will need something to rest your cast iron pan on, you will also need some sort of cover. For us we used the flat griddle like portion of our campfire set up. This is what holds heat close to your cookies so that the top of them bakes without needing to flip them like pancakes. If you don’t have this you can probably use aluminum foil loosely on top.

I am not going to try to be fancy here, my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is from the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip bag! My only changes is I use salted butter (that’s just what I normally have) and instead of chocolate chips I chop up the holidays left over chocolate candies…many Easter bunnies were in these cookies!

Once your dough is made wrap in plastic wrap so it looks like a log, then put it into a container or plastic baggie to keep it sealed. When you’re at your campsite heat up your pan and then pull off a piece of dough and roll it into a ball and put it on the hot pan. Try about 3 cookies at a time. This is the recipe I used but if you prefer a different cookie give it a try!!!! You just need a cookie whose dough can be pre-made and kept in a cooler wrapped in plastic wrap.

I hope you all enjoy this neat way to eat fresh cookies right by the open fire!!! And thank you Nestle Tollhouse for the recipe I have used for many years!

Directions are for oven use. For camping prepare dough before you leave and store in the cooler. Cooking time varies on heat of the fire. Our cookies took about a half hour. So grab a blanket and snuggle up and enjoy! They are extremely hot when finished. Allow to cool for several minutes. Don’t be surprised if your 1st batch is too burned or under cooked. Start with just 3 cookies and have fun testing it out! The taste is far better then oven cooked cookies!

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