Hibiscus Blooms…

What an interesting day this has been! My day started at 11pm last night! My daughter has a head cold which means no one sleeps. We were probably up half a dozen times until finally at 3am she hopped into bed with us. Nothing serious, just congestion and a cough, she even decided at 4:30am that she would rather sleep in her own bed so I heard her tip toe back to her room! My husband is in town all this week so by 5am he was up getting ready to leave. I was up at 5:30am getting the necessities done before taking her to school. She woke up feeling surprisingly well, I offered for her to stay home if she felt too tired for school but she was excited to get going! The first half of the day was full of severe storms which cut my internet connection. The thunder was loud enough to where my cat was growling at it! I spent the morning keeping busy but wishing the weather would improve so I could get things done that I needed to do outside. Before I know it it’s time to get my daughter from school and very little from my to-do list is accomplished. Trying not to get frustrated I get my daughter from school and head home. She’s feeling better and wanted to play outside for a few minutes. Low and behold my hibiscus is blooming!!!!!   It was such a pleasant surprise to have such a beautiful bundle of blossoms!!!! We soon went inside to watch an old favorite “space jam”, haven’t seen it? You should! We are singing and dancing to the beginning song! Perfect ending to a day that started too early!

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