Rare Phenomenon…

During an afternoon over the summer I took my daughter outside to play. Like usual, I grabbed our water bottles, sunscreen, gardening tools and a magazine for when I’m ready to sit down. She went off to go play on her swing set and I started cleaning up toys on the deck. Now our family loves rainbows, we love to find them in unsuspecting places like when you spray the garden hose and the light hits just right, or in a reflection on the wall as well as after a good rain. So when I hear “mommy mommy look!!! There’s a rainbow!!!!” I figure she must have turned the hose on and is enjoying the little rainbow. Boy was I wrong! She came over to me and said she sees a rainbow and insisted she take me to see it. I knew she must actually see one but it hasn’t rained in days…so what is she seeing that she’s thinking is a rainbow? Holding hands we go to the center of the yard where she points up…sure enough there it is….a rainbow like I have never seen before! It was almost like an upside down rainbow, if you look close you can barely see that the rainbow is slightly pointing upward. We both stood in awe of this rainbow and I was pretty sure I knew what we were looking at…it’s called a fire rainbow! This is when there is ice crystals typically in Cirrus clouds that align just right to create this type of rainbow. I contacted our local meteorologist just to confirm this is what I am looking at and he said yes it is and it’s very rare to see! How important it is to notice what’s around you, that rainbow disappeared within maybe ten minutes or so. How glad I was that I not only got a picture but that me and my child got to enjoy it together! I am proud that she made sure I got to see it. Often we don’t share the joy, I’ll admit to secret candy hidden in the house that I hoard like a squirrel to eat on days when a mama just needs some extra chocolates! But not her, she wanted to share her joy with me! As a parent our job is to teach and guide our children, but sometimes our children remind us of things we may have forgotten…we went inside and ate chocolates together!

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