Cats and Kids…

“Mommy Checkers has a shoe hat!!!”, I turn around and this is what I see…poor Checkers is wearing a cabbage patch shoe on her fuzzy little head. She is a good natured cat and has been dressed up in all kinds of things….baby clothes, hats, tiaras ect. This cat is about to turn 12 years old on October 3rd. Her and I met when she was 3 days old. I was a teenager working at a vet clinic when I saw a box in a cage, I peeked inside and saw this tiny 3 day old kitten! She was missing half her back leg, had an eye infection, fleas, and infections else where. As most of us who have worked at a vet clinic you usually end up adopting at least one pet who you’ve met through working at the vet! The staff asked if I wanted her and sure enough I said yes! So that day I took the box with the kitten, a heating pad and bottles and kitten milk formula home and raised this little sick kitten. She had to have the remainder of the back leg amputated but she is a very fast cat on three legs! Her life has been a healthy and happy one! During my pregnancy I was very very sick, Checkers would come and sit on my ever expanding tummy and that would get baby kicking and playing! Checkers loved it and she would start purring when baby would move around in my tummy. Her and my daughter have been best buds ever since!

Checkers shortly after coming home. She was very small, feeding her with a bottle was so much fun! She is a very good cat and we have enjoyed her for 12 years!

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