Half-Moon Cookie Recipe…

This is my families “famous” half-moon cookie recipe! These cookies are a favorite at my husband’s work as well as a favorite at church. The recipe is pretty simple, my suggestion is to make them on a cool day if you don’t have an air conditioner. I find the cookies are flatter when the weather is hot which is why I like to make them during the colder months!

Here is the half-moon recipe straight from the book my mother wrote it in. I hope you enjoy seeing all the smudges and stains in my recipe book, this recipe is used A LOT! My only change is the margarine, I use salted butter for any recipe I make that calls for butter or margarine. This applies to the frosting recipes below as well.

Half-moons are traditionally frosted with white and chocolate frosting. My favorite is homemade frosting but if your in hurry store bought will do just fine! To mix it up I sometimes do half peanut butter frosting and half chocolate! Notice in the picture above the cookies are laying flat on parchment paper, this is vital if you plan to travel with your cookies. Unless you want frosting all over, the cookie must be allowed to dry. I bake and frost one day and allow to dry uncovered over night then package and take them where they need to go. Allowing the frosting to dry a bit means there’s less frosting sticking to other cookies. Don’t worry, allowing the cookies to be uncovered all night will not make for a dry cookie OR hard frosting, all it does is allow the top bit of frosting to lose its “stick” then you can package your cookies touching eachother without frosting glueing them together. The moisture in the frosting will keep your cookies perfectly moist!

Not from my area? “Conf. Sugar” means confectioners sugar, or powdered sugar or icing sugar. It’s all the same thing and what it’s called is usually dependent on where you are from!
This recipe doesn’t make as much frosting as the recipe for cream cheese frosting. But it will make enough to frost a batch of half-moons. Any extra and be stored in the freezer and thawed later!

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