Every Storm Passes Eventually…

I love this picture, I took this while in Maine this summer. The week we were in Maine was amazing, most days were full of fog and storms in the distance. Many people would be upset by not having warm sun on vacation but I loved it because it made for amazing pictures!

The last few years have felt like these storm clouds…the storms of life looming over my family for years on end. Our marriage started with my husband having surgery just over a month after our wedding, during his recovery we found out I was pregnant and the pregnancy started rough and was difficult the entire 9 months. The delivery was suppose to be fatal to me but thanks to God me and my child are alive today. The recoveyr was terrible. I spent a full year struggling with flash backs of that night being rushed into emergency surgery being told I was not going to survive. For anyone out there who has been told they ARE going to die, it changes you forever! Thank goodness I was able to fight and survive but that was absolutely not expected and everyone was surprised to see me alive the next morning even though I was in ICU hooked up to a ventilator to make me breathe. I know the fear of being told you will die and I know what it does to you and how terrifying it is. So for the next year I was having flashbacks, nightmares and panic attacks. It was rough on me and I’m sure rough on my husband. As the years have passed since, we have experienced heart aches, stress with work and the passing of MANY family members and friends. Every time we thought lifes storms couldn’t get much worse something new would happen and it would feel like life was caving in around us all over again. My prayers for well over a year have been for REST and GOOD NEWS. Life throws you curve balls and you have little to no control what happens. What you do have control over is how you respond to the storms. My husband and I are far from perfect…we have had many arguments which are nothing but stress spewing from us. We have had times of where we were more distant from each other and times of where we were bonded together because of the storm. We have learned a lot through theses difficult years. First, we don’t have to understand each others prospective in order to be loving and supportive towards each other… Second, true love isn’t flimsy…we don’t remove love for one another just because one of us is struggling. Third, relationships aren’t easy and they take work and most importantly they take the ability to be flexible. My husband and I are stubborn, we are pretty sure we are right all the time which doesn’t work well when you have different opinions! The biggest thing these life storms have taught us is that neither of us is ever the only one who is right, compromise and communication is KEY! This week my husband was able to work in town so for the 1st time in a LONG time I actually got my husband home for an entire work week! It seems the storm is finally starting to lift a little bit. If you feel like you always have clouds looming over you just hang in there and keep going. Keep finding humor and finding things to be thankful for. Never give in to the storm. At some point the storm will pass! The storm for us hasn’t completely passed yet but the skies are starting to brighten and that’s all I can ask for!

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