Kindness Counts…

I was taking a walk with a friend yesterday and she was telling me about someone’s post that went viral. It was a post that was highly inaccurate about another business. Saying nasty things that were based in heat of the moment and not facts or even truth. How often do we all make this mistake? We forget to reread a text, email or post before sending it. We let our emotions get away from us and we aren’t even realizing how we might possibly be wrong! Or maybe we are correct BUT our words are not constructive and will not solve any issue. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility….that responsibility is having kindness in your heart when you speak or write to or about something. You have every right to speak truth and it’s not always what people want to hear but it is your responsibility to speak that truth respectfully. The great thing is we all have our own minds with our own opinions which often differ from others, that’s ok! But we still need to be respectful and kind to eachother. As my friend told me about this issue she told me that this business was receiving alot of bad press due to this one person’s inaccurate post…but what this business did next was EXACTLY what each of us should do….they responded with KINDNESS!!!! They knew what was being said about them was not true, what was being accused did not actually happen and that it was all the opinion of a bystander who didn’t get the entire story before making an angry post. This business could have responded with anger and pointing fingers back at this person for creating an issue where there was no issue….but they didn’t….they chose kindness…they chose to be kind and accept that we all have made snap judgements and we are all guilty of saying rude things at some point in life…they responded by greeting the public with open arms and “extending an olive branch”…offering forgiveness and understanding instead of anger and retaliation. Because of how they handled this thier good name has been restored as it should be and peace remains. Kindness comes in many forms…in this instance it involves compassion and understanding as well as self control. But the important part is we all can choose to be kind. Getting frustrated and angry is an option. There are always circumstances that create a grey area, I am not saying let people walk all over you but you can stand for the truth in a dignified way that shows love and kindness towards those who are in conflict with you. Kindness is as simple as thinking of the needs and well being of others….like this picture of my daughter at an animal park. There was lots of people and animals, she noticed this animal kept getting pushed back so she made sure it got a snack by going on the other end opposite of where the crowd was. She happily fed this animal for several minutes. Being kind doesn’t take a lot, just a few extra moments to really make sure your actions are from a kind heart. Unlike the Emu, also at this animal park…those birds will take the entire cup of food from your hands! 😆

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