Rebellious Pumpkins…

My daughter and I love to grow pumpkins, we even have a neighborhood cat who enjoys it too! We don’t know her name but we call her garden kitty, she came into our lives last year. I was out checking the pumpkin patch before bed and was pleasantly startled by this grey cat who was lounging under the big pumpkin vine leaves! We became good friends and she often is catching mice in the evenings. She prowls our property and in the morning she’s often by my bedroom window, I say good morning kitty and she lets out a quiet meow and she continues the prowl. This year garden kitty must be disappointed! The pumpkins refuse to grow! These pumpkins were planted a tad late but by now they should have vines measuring feet long and not mere inches. Each gardening year is different, some years there’s an abundance and other years very scant. This season I didn’t have as much time to put into properly mending the soil, weeding or watering. But we enjoy the pumpkin flowers anyway! Our neighbors enjoy seeing our garden grow and we love to offer free produce when we have it! Next season will be better…it will be well planned and I will share with you how to plan a garden and start seeds and all that! If you’ve never done it before I encourage you to try it! It’s very fun whether you have a small space or a large yard! I’ll be happy to post when I’m starting seeds and what soil I’m using and my favorite tools! And I will also share the real results…good or bad! I’ve been gardening for over 20 years and each year I learn new things!! Maybe not alot of produce this year but the pretty flowers have fed a lot of bees and butterflies!

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