Tomorrow is Always Another Day…

I’m chuckling because I just wrote a blog about how life’s storms finally seem to be lifting…literally right after sending it I got news that one of my dear friends just had a stroke and is in the hospital. I was talking to another friend about how it seems like life’s storms are never ending. She posed an interesting prospective….are the storms in my life or in my heart? Sometimes we need to not allow the ups and downs to make or break our day. Sometimes it’s all about perspective…yes the last few years have been extremely difficult, lots of sorrow and bad news and many hard times. But learning to dance in the rain is far more important then praying to get out of the storm. Our storms in life are what shape us, they are what shows us who we are and were our struggles still lie. It’s ok to have struggles, it is important to admit them and be willing to take steps to hopefully move forward. My struggles? I’m very impatient….I don’t like waiting and I get frustrated when my efforts fail miserably. And then add continued stress of failing health of a loved one and now my friend who had the stroke I’m finding myself feeling like I need to have this storm end. But I can’t control that, all I can do is control my response….so this weekend I helped my husband put a roof on a barn and I spent time with my friend and her family in the hospital…this week I plan to go pumpkin picking with my daughter and enjoy some time being less stressed about things I can’t control. Life is short….sometimes too short….even during the storm stop and search for the beauty within the difficult times. I just took this picture of my sun flowers, thier beauty remains even when life seems too chaotic…have a great day and do something nice for someone else!

Fun fact: my tallest sunflower this year is over 8 feet tall…which is 2 feet shorter then last year’s tallest sunflower!

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  1. “She posed an interesting prospective….are the storms in my life or in my heart?” – Light bulb moment. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to these everyday. ♡


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