Best Friends…

Scrolling through my pictures I found this one, Checkers our cat and her ultimate best friend Elsie our dog who just passed away last year. That dog was one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. We adopted her from a local shelter when she was about 3years old. I LOVE adopting older dogs, to me it is nice to see the dogs personality before adoption and not have to deal with puppy chewing or puppy potty training. There’s a lot to be said about adopting older dogs from shelters! Not long after we took Elsie home we discovered she had epilepsy, we got her regulated on medicine to help control the seizures and for years it did great. We were lucky to have the most unique group of pets in our home, at that time we had Checkers who is a rescue pet, Elsie who was a rescue pet and we had a 25year old African Grey parrot named Maya. Maya came to live with us after my grandparents died, she was their parrot and Maya had no where to go so we took her in. Unfortunately my daughter started getting eye infections and I kept getting migraines…turned out we were allergic to Maya! So after two years with Maya I found an amazing new home for her. She lives with friends of mine who have always wanted a bird, Maya gets sooooo much love and attention and has blossomed under thier care! It was the best decision for everyone and now Maya is almost 27 years old and still doing great! Any pets we have had have always ended up friends, I remember one time when Maya was out of her cage and she had flown down to the floor. I heard her walking around the livingroom and went to go get her since the cat and dog were both sleeping in the dog bed….what did I find? My cat, dog AND parrot all curled up in the dog bed!!!!!!! The dog and cat were both awake and knew Maya was there but none of them cared. Elsie was a big dog at about 55lbs but she was as gentle as anything with Checkers and Maya. Sometimes the animal kingdom teaches us that we can all be friends no matter where we come from or what we look like! Elsie was about 10years old when she passed away from complications from her epilepsy. Checkers and a couple fish are the only pets we currently have. I hope to welcome another dog, some chickens, bunnies and if I can get my husband on board I would like goats and a pony or two. Animals are such a wonderful thing to us, our favorite part is seeing the unlikely friendships that emerge!

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