Summer’s Beauty…

Here in Upstate New York the leaves are just on the cusp of turning. Soon the green landscape will light up with brilliant oranges and reds! With the leaves changes also comes the gardens starting to fade. These are my Gerber daisies, my daughter picked them out this spring to plant in a planter I have on our deck. This was her garden to tend too and she did it will all the excitement in the world! She learned to dead head the wilted flowers which encourages new growth, this new learned skill of hers didn’t come in handy when she dead headed the wilting flowers everywhere we went! Thankfully most people found it cute as she sat there carefully taking off wilted flowers in front of country stores and restaurants! She goes after life with all she’s got! She’s so eager to take what she’s learned and apply it to everything she does! As fall approaches quickly I have been finding new skills to teach her, lately it’s been learning to crack an egg for our baking. To her this is a HUGE deal because only big kids get to crack the eggs! She’s done well, only had one egg crumble into a goopy shell mess. Sometimes us mom’s just want to get our work done…let’s face it, when your child is in the kitchen it usually takes at least twice as long to do the dishes or bake those cookies or get dinner on the table. It can also be a bit frustrating as your kitchen is covered in flour and so is your child! But last week my daughter came home from school and in her backpack was the work she had done for the day, one paper was a coloring page with a list of her “favorites” , one was “what’s your favorite thing to do with Mommy?” You know what her answer was? “Helping mommy cook and garden” …this time her and I spend together is her favorite….so for me, it’s always worth the extra mess, extra effort and time it takes to create these memories. I expected her to say her favorite is when mommy takes her to the zoo or the beach or some sort of destination….nope….it’s time spent right in the garden and in our messy kitchen! Totally worth every second…♥️

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