A New Day…

Each sunrise brings us a new day, a new chance to change and do better then we did the day before. A chance to finish what we started yesterday and to make improvements for tomorrow! Sunrises are worth waking up early for, no matter the weather it always seems to be exciting to see what today’s sunrise will look like! My sunflowers are starting to wind down for the season, the bright flowers are starting to wilt and in exchange giving way to tons of sunflower seeds! How I hate to see the sunflowers wilt but as the sunflower stalks dry and the air gets colder a new creature re-emerges. Yup….the deer…they LOVE to feast on dried sunflower leaves! I like to leave most my sunflowers and stalks go dry naturally. Then as winter approaches if I’m lucky I can catch a mom and her fawns standing on hind legs trying to get the top leaves of the sunflowers! They eat them up pretty quick so it’s just only a matter of days to weeks before the stalks have been picked clean but it’s an adorable sight to see! This year I plan to tear down the garden as soon as all sunflowers have wilted. Then pull up the landscaping fabric and till and mend the soil so it’s ready for next season, I’ll put the landscaping fabric back down after mending the soil so this way no weeds get a chance in the spring! The sunflower stalks I will bundle and keep outside for the deer to munch on, it’s funny how the deer are in my garden in the spring and then return late fall and winter! Every day is a new sunrise….tomorrow’s goal….more home organizing and fun day with my child!

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