Glad to be Gladiolus…

One of my gardening goals is to plant a “cutting garden”. This would be a huge garden full of flowers that work well for bouquets. The trick is getting flowers that last well when cut as well as having a good variety so you have have fresh flowers for a few seasons of the year. It will take practice but this year I have enjoyed many sunflower and gladiolus bouquets! Late spring I planted my gladiolus bulbs. I must have planted about 100 of them and they have come up in pinks, yellows, whites and purples with one lone orange gladiolus. They are so pretty! I love to use them to surprise people, a cheery home grown bouquet full of flowers from my own garden. It’s a lot of fun and someday I hope to have acres of flowers to cut for bouquets! These Glads are pretty short this year, I think the sunflowers have blocked out too much sun so this fall I will dig up the Glad bulbs and reposition them in the garden to allow for more sun light. Good thing about most bulbs is they are reasonably forgiving. If you make a mistake in flower placement usually you can correct that. But even in thier misplacement they are still blooming best they can no matter thier circumstance! This winter I will spends a lot of time planning the garden, this way I can find a better layout for all the plants I plan to grow. I would love to add Dahlias to my garden. If you’ve never seen a Dahlia they are stunning! They have huge full blooms and are just amazing!!!!! I also have baby’s breath starting now, it takes a full year to see them bloom so hopefully next year I can have bouquets of sunflowers ,Dahlias, baby’s breath and gladiolus! And hopefully this will be another way to bring joy to someone else’s day!

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