Growing Up…

My best friend heather and I have started our girls in swim class! Neither Heather or I are good swimmers, we joke that if thrown into a body of water I would drown immediately and Heather might be able to survive for about 5 minutes! We have been taking our girls swimming for 2 years now and they have both grown much more comfortable in water so this fall we decided they were ready for swim lessons! They were both so excited to go, waiting eagerly by the pool for thier turn to swim! Heather’s daughter was the dare devil, much to our surprise she jumped off the ledge of the pool into the instructors arms like a pro! We didn’t expect that as she has been harder to get comfortable in the water! Heather and I sat on the bleachers cheering for her and so proud how well she did! My daughter was a pro at movement in the water, she is very close to being able to float and I think she will be a natural swimmer. This class didn’t use life jackets so that threw a curve ball at our girls as they are both accustomed to life jackets in deep water, but they did amazing without them! Later that evening as the day came to an end my daughter told me how scared she was without her life jacket, this child was such a trooper during class I had no idea she was scared! I hugged her and told her how proud I was that she did so well even though she was scared and that this is why she is in swim class so that she can learn! It’s ok to start something new and be a bit afraid! How boring would life be if we never did anything that felt like a challenge?! The greatest acheivements in life are ones we work hard for! My daughter is an equal mix of my impatience and my husband’s need for perfection! So she gets very upset if she isn’t naturally good at something on the first try and by good I mean perfect. I think swim lessons will be good for her, they will help remind her it’s ok to not be 100% perfect at something and hopefully teach her the fun of striving to improve! I think perfection is a double edge sword…there is a huge difference between settling for an “ok” and obccessivley NEEDING to be the best!  Willingness to put in the hard work to do YOUR best is fabulous! And there is nothing wrong with healthy competition, but you shouldn’t let your need to be perfect put you down. Instead of letting it get you down use that as motivation for improvement. Sure, you may not have won the race, gotten the job, or whatever it is in life you are trying to acheive. But the journey is half the fun! If you reach that goal quickly then the joy of it will fade just as fast. Enjoy life’s journey, be patient with yourself and others, laugh along the way and be willing to put in the work! I don’t want my daughter to settle, I know she can learn to swim and learn to jump into the pool with confidence! And I can’t wait to watch both these girls acheive thier goal! Heather and I had fun as proud mom’s watching our girls, we did however wonder why the life guard was wearing socks…..yes….socks….no sneakers…just hanging out on his life guard chair wearing socks…he may not have looked ready to save lives but Heather and I got a really good laugh!

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