A Visit From a Friend…

I know many would not consider a chipmunk a friend, they are rather destructive. But we have had a chipmunk live under our front steps for as long as we’ve been married. At one point he had a friend who the neighborhood cat caught and proudly carried through the garden. I personally enjoy the Chipmunks, they are full of personality and I often find them stuck inside the bird feeders (still not sure how they keep sneaking inside the feeder but they do!) They pack thier cheeks full of bird seed to the point of they are too full to get themselves back out! I’ve gone out to give them a hand on many occasions and everytime they run off as fast as possible as if to be embarrassed they got caught! I just redid our front yard, we didn’t have much landscaping before so I did a lot of mulch and put in a stone path and some flowers. Well I apparently disturbed a sleepy Vole, this little grey Vole sleepily walked around my new stone path with his little eyes squeezed shut. Now I purposely didn’t disturb the soil where I lay the path because I knew there was plenty of underground critters under this particular section of yard, but just the same there he was upset and confused with my new curb appeal! I waited till he found his way back underground and continued to finish my project. I don’t see the Vole too often but me and the chipmunk are good friends. Today I caught him in the garage sitting in my pile of pea seeds which I am drying for next year’s pea plants. He was certainly helping himself but truthfully I don’t mind. I enjoy seeing what little creatures are in the garden. Baby bunnies often are in the garden during the spring time, my husband offered to put better fencing around the garden but as we sat there one evening watching the babies eat my sunflower seedlings I couldn’t help but let them stay! All the little creatures, even that destructive chipmunk who likes to chew under our front steps is adorable and has a place in my garden!

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