Let’s Talk Gluten Free…

So now that I am starting to get some recipes posted I have wanted to talk to those of  you who are on a gluten free diet or who are cooking for someone who is gluten free. So I have been messing around for a couple of years with trying to make all my usual recipes gluten free(I am not gluten free but I know many who are)…I have failed COUNTLESS times…the texture is grainy, the baked goods are too heavy, the taste is off, you name it and I have cooked it! Until I tried this brand of gluten free flour…this is Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 baking flour. ANYTHING I have used this in has turned out just as good as the original recipe! The texture is right, the taste is right and so far nothing has turned out to be heavy. I have made gluten free recipes and have not told people it is gluten free and they haven’t noticed! It is great flour! This bag in the picture is just over 1lb (22oz to be exact) it was under $4 for this bag which isn’t too bad. Yes it says baking flour but don’t be afraid to use it to thicken gravy! Later this morning I will be posting a new recipe (scalloped potatoes, it’s in the oven right now!) which I’ve made with this flour, and you will see how amazing it turns out! My husband won’t even know it’s gluten free! This is the easiest route to go when making a recipe gluten free….you don’t have to buy a special flour and then buy xanthan gum only to be confused how to use it! My goal with my recipes is to keep them simple, easy for the busy person, new cook, those on a budget and for those who don’t want to buy a ton of ingredients for one recipe. Most my recipes are pantry friendly and can be adjusted to your tastes and needs. Hope this tip on flour helps! And I hope you all enjoy my scalloped potatoes recipe when I post it shortly!!!

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