A Roast for Dinner…

This is a favorite recipe of mine which can be used for any time of year. Making it in a crock pot will keep your house cool in the warmer months…I know what your thinking….a roast in the summer? At the end of this recipe I will tell you how I alter this for a summer meal! The pictures in this post are of a cut of pork, you can also use a beef roast too, same ingredients and same recipe goes for either type of meat! My favorite way to cook this is in a crock pot. This way I can leave the house and run errands but if you don’t have a crock pot then do the same thing with a large pot on the stove making sure your pot has a good fitting lid. So get out your crock pot and let’s get started!

Here’s your ingredients, a cut of meat (mine is pork), beef bouillon cubes, whatever root veggies you have, today I have some carrots, onion, a few potatoes and a small amount of celery, water and a crock pot!
Step 1. Chop veggies and put in the crock pot
Step 2. Put meat on top of veggies and pour water over it, you want enough water to cover most your roast but not so much water that your crock pot over flows. Your roast will release liquid as it cooks so be sure you have at least a good inch or two of space between the water and top of your crock pot. For this I used 8 cups of water.
Step 3. Place as many bouillon cubes as you added water. So I used 8 cups of water so I added 8 bouillon cubes.
Step 4. Put the lid on your crock pot and either set it on low for 8-12 hours if you plan to leave for the day or set it on high for 4-6 hours if you don’t have as much time to let it cook.

So your roast has cooked all day and you check the temperature and it has reached 170°. Now it’s time to make gravy. Don’t panic, it’s not that hard and this is the simplest gravy ever. You’ll need one ladle full of cooking juices from your crock pot, water, a few more bouillon cubes and cornstarch (flour or gluten free flour).

Grab a small pot and put in ONE ladle full of cooking juices from the crock pot, then add two spoonfuls of cornstarch and stir it until it becomes a thick goop. Add a half cup of water and stir until it thickens, keep doing this until you’ve added about 3-4 cups of water. Now add 3-4 bouillon cubes and stir until cubes break up and dissolve as well as until it thickens. If it’s taking forever to thicken try turning up the heat a bit.
After about ten minutes, look at the color change. It has darkened and thickened perfectly. Always keep the gravy moving, if you have it on high heat and you aren’t stirring it will burn or get clumpy. If you need to leave to give the baby a bottle turn the stove down to as low as it goes without turning off, give baby a bottle and then come back and turn the stove up again and continue making your gravy.
Yum yum dinner is done! So take your roast out and let it sit for a minute on a large plate. Then use a sharp knife and cut in thin slices, beef roast may pull apart easily with a fork. Use a slotted spoon and strain out veggies. I had store bought garlic knots that I warmed in the oven. Ladle gravy over the top and dinner is served!!!

Ok, this is great for the cold months but what about the rest of the year? Well….get a roast and cook the exact same only skip the veggies….cook as usual and when done pull out and slice or shred. Get some tortillas, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, buffalo ranch dressing and serve as a shredded beef tacos!

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