Planting Fall Bulbs…

Ok everyone! Fall is coming, it’s a good time to plant bulbs that will come up in the spring! Today I just picked up a bulb mix, there’s tulips and daffodils! So for you new gardeners you might look at these bulbs and think “which end is up?!” So let’s take a look at bulbs…

Most bulbs look like this, the crusty strings on the bottom are the dried up roots. So when planting dig the hole about 5 inches deep and place the bulb in the hole pointy side up and cover with soil.
Some bulbs don’t have roots yet, but same rule applies, pointy end points up!
Look at this guy, so in your bulb pack you may find some small bulbs that look like they are half a bulb…don’t worry, it’s just a baby bulb. Plant it the same as the big bulb! This bulb is actually a bulb that has sprouted two babies, the babies are still attached to the main bulb. This picture is a neat example of how these bulbs reproduce!

If the budget allows, buy a few bags of garden soil. This will give your new bulbs nutrition and a jump start on next year’s gardening season. If your bulbs ever stop blooming buy a bag of bone meal and add some to the soil, I would suggest doing this in the fall so the soil and bulbs have ample time to absorb the nutrients. This should return your bulbs to thier health so that they bloom again! Some bulbs live longer then others, my tulips lived about 5 years (probably would have lasted longer if I knew to fertilize them!). Once you get your bulb garden going try to fertilize with bone meal every fall, this will replace nutrients your bulbs ate up all season. If you plan to do this every fall then you will be in good shape for the times when the budget doesn’t allow for splurging on fertilizing the bulbs. Like I said, my tulips lived for 5 years with no care at all. They only bloomed well for the 1st two years then blooms were pretty scant for the last 3 years. So do what your able to do and enjoy your bulbs come spring!!!!

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