We All Have Days Like This…

One of the things I love about children is that they unapologetically do what they feel. They say what’s on thier mind, not to be unkind but just because they are kids and they don’t have a mouth filter yet! We all have days where we wish we could do what my daughter is doing in this picture…lay under a bench and pout! Whether you have kids or not don’t you just have those days where you wish you could just lay under a bench with legs hanging out and officially be done with whatever it is that your frustrated with?! Yesterday my daughter got in the car after school and as usual I asked her how her day was, what did she learn and who did she sit with at lunch. She loves to tell me all the details about her day so we usually chat the entire drive home. But yesterday she seemed less chatty…well in kindergarten there is a chart, if you’re good you stay on “super starfish” but once in awhile we all make mistakes and then the teacher asks you to move your clip from super starfish to the “you otter do better” (the theme this year is sea). She finally came clean and said ” mommy, I had to move my clip today…” I asked her why and she said “I erupted….” I thought to myself that either there is a huge volcanic mess in her kindergarten classroom or she interrupted the teacher! I smiled to myself and told her that it’s ok to make a mistake and that I am glad she told me about it. She still looked upset with herself, sometimes the hardest part of a lesson is the ability to forgive yourself for the mistake you made! I reminded her we all make mistakes and it’s best to appologize and learn from it so you can do better the next time! She finally cheered up and then after school today I asked her how her day went and she grinned ear to ear “I didn’t move my clip today!!!!”. Good job sweetie!

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