Gardening Tip with Egg Shells…

Whether you are trying not to waste, wanting to live off the land or maybe don’t want to spend money on chemical fertilizers this might be something you’d like to try! EGG SHELLS! This is my favorite for tomato gardens. Tomatoes will get rotten spots on the bottom if the soil lacks calcium. This can easily be prevented by using scraps from the kitchen. Hear me out, I know it seems a bit extreme but just keep reading and give it a try, soon it will feel like second nature. Ok so your cooking, you crack an egg and throw away the shell…..well, instead of throwing it away try putting it back into your egg carton. Sooner or later you will have an egg carton full of empty shells. At this point put your shells on a lined cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven (temperature isn’t important, you just need heat). Cook until the inside of the shells start to brown. Then remove from the oven and allow to cool. Store in a plastic bag. When the bag is full crunch up the shells into a fine ground or a fine powder. Save this gritty powder in an air tight container. Make a habit of this from now until spring…you will have saved up enough egg shells to pretreat your soil with a boost of calcium before you plant your tomatoes in the spring!

I keep my empty shells in the carton.
Place egg shells on lined cookie sheet and put into a warm oven.
Take them out when they look like this…starting to brown on the inside. Cool on the cookie sheet
Store in a plastic bag.
When you have time take the shells out of the bag and put in a food processor to make into fine powder. The finer you get it the easier the soil can absorb it. But even crushing it with a rolling pin will do. By spring this huge jar will be over flowing with egg shell powder.

I have been doing this for 2 years now and I have never had an issue with rotten spots on my tomatoes. It’s a budget friendly way to mend the soil. Once the ground thaws in the spring work in some egg shell powder and allow to rest in the soil until it’s warm enough to plant tomatoes. Simple way to prevent a problem as well as limit a small amount of kitchen waste! And in case your wondering…no the egg powder doesn’t smell, which is a garden bonus!

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  1. It’s kind of like how people eat, we need diversity in the food we eat. Tomatoes are the ones who I have noticed show thier calcium deficiency. Usually I scatter egg shell powder all over the garden before planting, but I pay particular attention to the soil where I plan to grow tomatoes. They seem to gobble up calcium pretty quick! Fish emulsion is an AMAZING fertilizer for pretty much anything from the garden to house plants…I feed my plants with this monthly. I also change potted house plants soil every spring. This keeps the plants healthy. My oldest house plant is about 25 years old!

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