A Princess of a Different Kind…

As I have mentioned before, I am cleaning and reorganizing my home. Well in the process of moving furniture last night so I can paint the livingroom I managed to break my bookshelf….and by break I mean I killed it….totally killed it. No big deal really, it was a cheap shelf from Walmart that I got as a college student 14 years ago (yup….now I feel old). So today while my daughter was in school me and my best friend Heather went to Walmart together to do our shopping, let’s face it, Walmart is better dealt with when you have a buddy to go with! It was fun, we walked the isles and even managed to pick up a few stocking stuffers to tuck away for our girls for Christmas. I found some new shelves and bought them. Went home and finished painting, got my daughter from school and then started building these shelves. My daughter went from being a tomboy to suddenly she’s all about princesses and fancy dresses. I don’t mind at all….she was raised playing with trucks and trains as well as baby dolls…I like that she’s not afraid to have her own likes and dislikes. Today she wore her pretty pink dress to school and just looked as cute as can be! But I love how my beautiful princess loves to get dirty. All of us girls (young and not so young) need to stop thinking we need to be in a certain “box”…. You don’t have to choose between princess or tomboy. You don’t have to choose between “old fashioned” stay at home mom or mom who has her hobbies and likes adventure. I love to try new things, I love to do “men only” work….I love to get my hands dirty but I also love a chick flick and fuzzy slippers! We are more then just one thing….we are mom’s! We as parents wear a lot of hats….and we don’t have to pick which hat. My daughter is in this picture using a real hammer, hammering a real nail into the shelving unit that I am building. Yep, her MOM is teaching her how to use tools! And she is often under the car working with her daddy too! Not every girl dreams of being a princess…some girls don’t allow there  to be limits to what they can do! I hope all of us start today off by removing the limits! For me, I enjoy being a more “old school” kind of mom…..but make no mistake…I’m am old school mom who can catch a fish, start a business, run a house hold, use power tools, fix a boo boo, start a fire,  make a killer meal and hold my ground in a paintball battle….my daughter?…. Well….she’s going to do amazing things….I can’t wait to see it unfold!

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