Purpose and Importance for Every One…

I think at some point in life we all go through a time when we feel we no longer have any purpose or importance anymore. Maybe the newly empty nester, those who have had a failed relationship, those who are elderly and finding themselves in a nursing facility, those who have lost a child, or any number of examples. We feel like the purpose we once had is gone and we no longer are needed. But is that ever really true? I can speak from experience the powerful lessons I have learned as I watch the failing health of those I loved, even after death they still have a purpose! From those who have died we can use their life they had on Earth to learn from….to prevent making the same mistakes and to carry on the good works they did. Even those who have passed away(young or old) STILL have purpose and Importance!!! So if those who are no longer with us still have value then how could you not?! Each and Every person has value and something to offer, whether they are homeless, special needs, struggling with failing health ect… They all have importance. We often measure our worth by what we have done. And when we fail to complete something we feel like we have lost worth. Or when life throws it’s curve balls and big changes come and suddenly the life we had isn’t the same anymore we feel we have no importance or significance. The problem isn’t the storms we are going to through, it’s us…it’s our own unhealthy unrealistic way of measuring who we are. I always like to encourage others to do good for those around us. The more we do for others the more we end up caring, and the more we end up caring, the more opportunities we have which allow for new purposes, new importance and new meaning. So the next time you are feeling like your purpose is gone just remember it’s not gone….it’s just about to change! Life comes like seasons, some are easier and some are harder but you always have a purpose!

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