The Sun Sets on Another Day…

What is it that makes sunrises and sunsets so amazing? Is it the joy of the start of a new day? Is it the satisfaction of a day well spent? I don’t know what it is but for me it never gets old. I can’t even choose which I like better. For me, a sunrise brings joy…joy that a new day has started and I have a full day to try to make a positive impact on somebody…anybody! Sunsets however bring me hope, hope that tomorrow I will not make the same mistakes I made today. Our very selves can make or break the day of others. As you go through your day are you bringing cheer? Peace? Love? Friendliness? Or are you bringing frustration, resentment, anger and hatred? We all make mistakes, we all have bad days…but your own out look on life will make or break YOU!!!!! Resentment and hostility will cause unimaginable damage to you, let alone the damage or hurt you cause others. I would love to see all of us learn to enjoy how we are all different, we have different opinions and different skills…let’s begin and end each day with a real love for those around us! Did you mess up today?…. It’s ok….look at this sunset….tomorrow is another day…

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