Fall is Almost Here…

Here in Upstate New York our mornings are starting out cold, this morning was upper 40s then it warmed to mid 70s by afternoon. That’s typical fall for us! Over the next few weeks I will be going out on nature walks in hopes of showing you all how beautiful fall is in this area! It is one of my favorite times of year, the smells of apple cider, maple syrup and apple fritters! This week I have been extremely busy, my goal is to get my home totally cleaned out and organized, this way I can focus the fall on my writing! Somehow this week I managed to get almost ALL of my cleaning done when I expected to take a few more weeks! I have one more pile to go through and then that dreaded garage! I painted the living room and my daughters bedroom. It’s amazing how a change in paint color can change the entire feel of a room! It’s so refreshing!!!! Now that my spring cleaning (yes I’m a little late I know!) Is almost done I cannot wait to get blogging more and sharing more recipes!!! So to give you a sneak peek of what to expect I wanted to share with you some recipes I plan to share over the next few weeks. Halloween themed treats, apple fritters, pre-planning Thanksgiving meal, groceries on a budget, and many more! I really enjoy sharing with you recipes I make for my family and I can’t wait to share this holiday season with you!!! I appreciate all of you who read my blog and follow me, it has been very exciting for me this is my first time getting to write for others to read! I plan to be in the kitchen tomorrow so be watching for a new recipe!!!!

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