What happened?!?! Gardening Tip…

Take a look at this picture. This is from my garden, it’s actually my “wedding garden”. The sedum and purple come flowers are from the potted plants I used as table center peices at my wedding! These plants are just over 6 years old and boy have they grown! The sedum is the plant that looks like it was hit with an asteroid and didn’t survive. You might notice this same thing in your garden….nothing is wrong with this plant. What happened is that it’s just too stinkin big! It can’t support itself bc it is just plain over grown. When your plant looks like this it’s time to divide it! Since this plant flowers in the summer and fall it is best to divide it in the spring after new growth starts to emerge. Dividing a plant isn’t hard, it does take some muscle with the shovel but that’s the hardest part. I have an old shoulder/neck injury (I fell out of a tree…don’t ask) so my strength with a shovel is limited, thankfully I have a beefy husband who doesn’t mind helping me out! So this spring when I see the sedum starting to grow I will water it so the soil is easier to move and I’ll have my beefy husband dig up the entire plant. Then I will have him chop it into 4 peices. Then my job starts….so after you chop it into 4 peices you can just replant each chunk wherever you want. Don’t worry, the chopping doesn’t have to be fancy or neat…just go for it, the plant will recover just fine! But if your sedum is huge and your chunks are still big you can take your gardening shears and carefully cut each quarter into smaller sections. You need to be sure there’s both plant and plenty of root attached….so depending on the size of your original plant you might be able to get 10-20 new plants out of it! Replant your sedum by digging a hole and filling that hole with a bucket of water…you need your new plant to go into moist soil so it’s roots take better. Keep these plants well watered for a few weeks and you will have a stunning garden of sedum come summer! (Want to see more? Wait till spring and I will show pictures of the process when I divide my sedum!). This is also the same process you use to divide many other common plants like hostas! Happy gardening!!!!

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