Not Quite as Planned…

Do you ever start a project and it doesn’t go as planned? Well I am wrapping up the tail end of the livingroom painting as I finished the last touch ups I needed to do today. It feels good to be throwing away the plastic sheets used to protect the floor, get all the mess picked up and paint cans put away. So I hammered the paint can lid to seal it up for storage. And of course some miniscule droplets of paint spatter on my recliner!!! For anyone who has ever painted knows that once paint gets on fabric or the floor GOOD LUCK getting it out!!!! Through this painting fiasco I have made an important discovery….Clorox wipes work amazing to get paint off of fabric AND hardwood! So on hardwood floors and molding you have some flex time, if the paint has been there for only a few hours the wipe will get it up with very little effort. But when it comes to paint removal Clorox wipes need a friend…ACNE WIPES!!! yes!!!!! Next time you do a paint project make sure you get some Clorox wipes as well as acne facial wipes! For my chair I used Clorox wipes and then an acne wipe to blot up the spatter, it didn’t look like it got it all but when it dried there was absolutely no trace of paint spatter! But with fabric you need to do this BEFORE it dries!!!! And it works best on cleaning up spatter, not huge paint drops on fabric. For the hardwood use the Clorox wipes, but if days later you notice some paint drops you missed you can use the acne wipes!!!! The acid in acne wipes breaks down the paint and with a little effort your paint will come off the floor/molding without damaging the wood or stain!!! I used this a ton as the painters tape didn’t do its job very well…my molding is sparkling clean and the finish remained in tack even after a lot of scrubbing with acne wipes!!! Painting projects can be a bit overwhelming, but as long as you have a good brush, Clorox wipes and acne wipes you should do great!!!! And if it’s not going well then time to grab a cup of coffee and go outside for a few minutes!!  My daughter woke up with a head cold at 2am this morning…she’s asleep now, while she slept managed to grab this awesome picture of the sun!

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