A New Friend…

I was out cleaning up the backyard this morning, trying to get an early start because it is HOT out today. I noticed this cat by my daughter’s swing set, there’s a toy that collects water so this little cat was taking a drink. I called the cat over and she came running, rubbing herself against my ankles and allowing me to pet her. Now my husband always teases me for saving pet bowls, I have a cupboard with about 8 pet bowls saved for cases just like this! I got this kitty some fresh cold water and she drank and drank and drank. Then she became my buddy. She followed me around all morning helping me by sitting in boxes I was trying to clean out. My daughter has a head cold and was inside watching Disney movies and resting. Next I hear the door open and I knew she was coming out to see how I was doing with my organizing. Wearing her best princess dress she immediately spotted a wooly bear caterpillar and brought it over to show me. Then she spotted my new friend and she promptly found a suitable plant to put the wooly bear in and then came over to meet my new cat friend. This cat happens to be the nicest cat in the world and hasn’t stopped purring yet. She has a collar and I beleive she lives on the end of our street but we welcomed her warmly with plenty of cool water and lots of love. It’s nice to see my daughter so eager to help out those around us. She didn’t think my one bowl of water was enough, now this cat has 5 bowls of water in our back yard! 😆 I have managed to convince her that 5 water bowls is plenty sufficient for even a crowd of thirsty cats! Having a genuine love of caring for others is so important, even if it’s for a neighborhood cat!

Kitty cat has decided our deck is a nice place to take a bath!
If you could her my daughter you would here her telling this cat all about New York and the weather! It was so cute!
This cat seems impressed with such a fancy dress!
Let’s not forget about the wooly bear! I’m not 100% sure what type of caterpillar this is but I beleive this will turn into moth.

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