Sunset Over Buffalo…

Yesterday we went to a friend’s house for a party to celebrate thier wedding. It was beautiful, the new bride did such an amazing job planning this elegant yet casual picnic style feast! There was a large tent to escape the heat and enough food to feed an army. She’s pretty crafty and did a stunning job decorating and I regret not taking pictures!!!! We had a wonderful time visiting thier family and friends whom we have never met. We enjoyed visiting thier chickens and hearing stories about the couple. This was my first time meeting them, the groom works with my husband in a town far from where we live. This wedding party was in Buffalo New York. I have never seen the country side of Buffalo and boy was that a treat! There was a farmer at the party who we enjoyed talking to, he even took us to his farm to see his beef cattle. Their family welcomed us with the warmest hospitality I think I have ever experienced. It wasn’t long until we felt like we really fit in with this group of people. They had an all day event ending with a bonfire, we didn’t stay long enough for the bonfire as our drive home was many hours but it was an amazing day. My 1st time seeing a pig roast, let me tell you, a freshly roasted whole pig is delicious! It’s not my favorite visual but the taste of it was amazing! Not everyone has the gift of hospitality, but these people do! The day was perfect and I have never felt so comfortable with a bunch of strangers! Our day finished taking a tour of that beef farm, the beef cattle grazed peacefully in a huge green pasture with thier calves right beside them, just the way it was ment to be. We loved it! And as we drove home we got to see this amazing sunset. I love how the flat land in this part of Buffalo was pitch black and the sky was just glowing behind it. Once the sun set we saw more stars then we’ve ever seen before. Picture perfect day!!

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