Tip for Cat Owners…

Whether your cat scratches your cloth furniture on purpose or by mistake when they jump up on the couch isn’t it annoying how fast your furniture can look frazzled? Small threads dangling off your furniture and you cringe every time they jump up because you can hear thier toenails pulling the threads! So here is the coolest tip I’ve been using for years, I can’t remember where I read this (if I remembered I would gladly tell you!) But all it takes to fix your furniture is a felting needle!!!!!! I got my felting needles on Amazon for like $8 for 60 needles…. definitely enough to last a lifetime! The thing to realize about felting needles is they are barbed so be careful when using them and this is not a project to have the kids help with. The barb’s are what grabs the thread and pushes it back in the cushion making your furniture look A LOT less damaged!!! All you do is take your needle and one thread at a time use your needle to push the thread back into the hole it’s poking out of. Depending on your level of damage this may take anywhere from a couple minutes to half an hour. My 1st time doing this I spent about 40 minutes fixing two couches. It’s been probably 6 or 7 months since I have done this so you’ll be in good shape if you do it just before the holidays and again at the end of spring! I’ve seen other people use two needles almost like chop sticks to do this same process, for me I found it easier working with just one needle….otherwise things got a bit bloody 😁 here are a couple of pictures to kind of show you what I am talking about!

This is a felting needle the 1st inch or so isn’t barbed so this is where you hold it. Be sure your hands aren’t sweaty, you defiantly don’t want to have this needle slip through your fingers!
Lighting is not great but can you see the loose threads? There is far more on this cushion then what is showing up on this picture. At least you can get an idea of the type of damage this technique will fix!
See how my needle is firmly gripped and i am aiming the point of the needle at the base of the loose threads. Doing this a few times per thread with push it back in so it is no longer visible!
This is the exact same cushion after I spent less then ten minutes on it. There was probably about 50 loose hanging threads and all are tucked back in now! My cushion looks like it has never met a cat at all!!!

This technique will not work on cats who have dragged thier claws down furniture so much that there are nearly holes in the furniture. My cat is not one to claw furniture but she always snags a nail (even though I trim her nails) so this technique is PERFECT for fixing that type of damage!!!

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