Cold Care Tea Recipe…

Anyone else have a head cold? I do! It’s hard to have energy to do too much when you’re sick. But this easy to make tea will help ease a sore throat, an upset tummy and overall make you feel just a little bit better. Best of all it takes very little effort! Let me just quickly advise that at the cold and flu time of year I often try to keep ginger root, honey and lemon in our house. This makes for quick relief when you wake up at midnight with that sore throat or you’re trying to get to work but need something to soothe you. Ginger keeps well in a sealed bag in the crisper drawer, just be sure if you have cut off a peice that you blog dry the wet spot where the flesh of the ginger is exposed, this will prevent mold growing. As far as lemon….today there was fresh lemons at the store…sometimes in winter I either can’t afford lemon or they don’t have any that look good. So fresh or bottled lemon juice is fine and won’t effect the taste of the tea. This jar of honey in the picture is a local honey, a neighbor surprised me with this huge jar of fresh honey made by the bees just around the block!!! Enough chit chat, let’s get down to business…

This is all you need (plus water of course). Those 3 lemons and that very large ginger root cost about $4. A smaller jar of honey would be another couple dollars. Keep these in your home during the cold season and you won’t even have to go to the store!
Cut off a small price of ginger. This is all you need to make one mug of tea!
Using a sharp knife take off the skin of the ginger and cut the ginger in half
Take a slice of lemon, peeled ginger and honey into the bottom of your mug. This is all to taste…add more of less of anything to suit your own tastes. Have you kettle ready with hot water and pour into your mug! Get a warm blanket, movie and snuggle up! Heading to work? Make this in your travel thermos!

Is everyone in your house sick? I’ve been there! When that happens I get out my large pot and fill with water, add a few sliced lemons and plenty of ginger and let it simmer gently all day, as each sick person needs a warm drink they can ladle some into a mug and add honey to thier liking. This is also something you can do in the Crock-Pot, add all ingredients and water turn on low and when you get home from work you will have a hot beverage waiting for you!

Food allergies? If you can’t have honey try using agave, they taste very similar, agave is slightly more mild in my opinion. Don’t have either? Just go for sugar to sweeten it. It won’t help your throat as much as honey but you can still have a tasty tea!

How do you know your sick? For me it’s when I didn’t realize I parked in the “wounded warriors” parking spot at Walmart….when I pulled out I saw the sign and felt terrible! My brain is in a fog today! Thankfully it only took me a few minutes to get my couple groceries but I still felt bad!!!😣

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