Hardy Soup Recipe…

Does this not look like soup to you? That’s because the base of the recipe can be made endless ways! I added rice to it which made it less brothy. This recipe is good to use up last bits in the fridge and cupboard. It’s also quick to throw together so whether its a busy day or your feeling under the weather you can easily make this tasty recipe!

These are the main ingredients, chicken (I bought a rotisserie chicken), green onions, broth and spinach. Don’t like chicken? Leave it out or try adding tofu. You don’t have green onions? Add what you do have, a few potatoes, carrots, peas? You got then add it in! Later, in my cupboard I found a can of northern white beans and some white instant rice so I am adding that to my mixture today.
Get a large pot and add your broth, pulled chicken, spinach and whatever you want. If you want it to remain more soup like then leave out the rice. The rice will absorb alot of liquid making it less brothy. This picture is before I added beans and rice. You can leave it just like this and have a tasty soup, maybe serve over egg noodles. As usual, alter the recipe as needed, skip the spinach if you don’t like it!
This is after adding about 2 cups of rice and one can of rinsed northern white beans. It has simmered for about an hour so now it has thickened a lot! At this point it is ready to serve!!!! Add spices you like and play around with this basic recipe. I made it bland because I’m not feeling well but another day I’d like to add some heavy cream and guacamole and really kick it up!

Hope you enjoy this simple yet Hardy Soup!!! I hope to hear what else you added to it!!!

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