Harvest Time…

There’s something special about this time of year, fields full of pumpkins, trees full of apples and the air as crisp as can be! Today I got some mini pumpkins to surprise my daughter. She has had an “urgent” need for pumpkins lately and we won’t be going pumpkin picking for another couple weeks. Not only is fall about celebrating the years harvest but for us gardeners it’s also the close of a years hard work! This time of year we are harvesting and tearing down the garden for the year. Preparing it for a long winter of heavy snow and lots of wind. For a breif time us gardeners get a break. Fall and Winter is spent preserving the seasons harvest, prepping for the holidays and before you know it January is here and we start planning the year’s garden all over again! When I was in my 20s I HATED the winter months! It was so boring, cold and not much to do! Now I love it! It’s time I can work on my writing, crafting and little things around my home. The day light doesn’t last long, it’s dark by 4pm but that just means a cup of cocoa with my little sweetie while we watch a movie in the evenings! Each season has so much to offer, just like the “seasons” of life. Every part of life has its ups and downs and good points and bad. But when we can find enjoyment in EVERY season we can always find fulfilment in each day. If you are struggling today, look around, is there someone else struggling too? See if there’s a way you can help them, even in a small gesture. I can just about promise you that by thinking of someone else you will notice your own struggles less! For me, harvest time is about giving and sharing. Sharing what you have to help out your neighbor. Seeing the need of someone else and filling it. This doesn’t have to be expensive… we all can give according to what we have to offer. A few weeks ago I was at the Dr getting my eyes checked for glaucoma (thankfully nothing yet!) On my way out of the Dr I almost ran face first into a lady who was also in her own little world like me. I appologized and said “it’s Friday and apparently I’m not paying attention today!” She laughed and said “yup same with me!” We walked out of the Dr’s office and she turned and said “I just have to tell you, I just got a mammogram and FINALLY I’m clear of cancer!!!” I cheered for her and said “that’s amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!!” We talked for a minute or two in the parking lot and then drove off in separate directions. What she didn’t realize is that moment she gave me the gift of being a part of her joy. How wonderful was it for her to share that very personal moment with me?! And how amazing that we got to celebrate together!! This harvest season find ways to encourage, love, and bring joy to those around you…you won’t regret it! Harvesting an honest and genuine love for others is something we can all do, whether you’re a gardener or not!! Have a great day!

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