Fall in Upstate New York…

Finally got a chance to take a nature walk, I was dodging rain drops but how nice it is to see the red leaves and changing colors! My walk was only about 10minutes because it down poured which wasn’t making for good pictures! But during my quick walk I heard birds chirping and squirrels running around in the trees. A woman was walking her two huskies and there was just a calm over everything. It brings to mind what it means to be thankful, how often do we forget to be thankful for all we have. Years ago a friend of mine posed an interesting question…..”what if the only things we woke up with were the things we gave thanks for the day before, how many of us wouldn’t wake up at all?”. Being thankful is so important, each and every life is precious. We should be thankful for every meal we eat, not everyone gets the luxury of 3 meals a day. Yep that’s right LUXURY! Can you imagine those who go to bed hungry but not because they are on the latest diet trend….but because there’s is absolutely no food to eat! How about thankful for our homes? Our spouses? Our kids? Our lives? Everything thing we have is a gift and we need to show gratitude for what blessings we have! So instead of thinking about what you don’t have, today start thinking about what you do have….my nice long nature walk certainly didn’t pan out, but I’m thankful I managed to get one good picture to show all of you! Have a great day and do something nice for someone else!!!!

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